Perancangan, Pembuatan dan Pengaturan Temperatur Pemanas Alat Uji Konduktivitas Termal

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Severally material thermal character momentous deep arithmetic balans energy on hot transfer application. Data of thermal character for some type substance and significant have available deep tabular or graph on hot transfer textbooks and material knowledge and hand book. Along with epoch progress, there are many found new materials. By undertaking examination on tool tests conductivity significant this, conductivity significant examinee can be known. Examination is done to significant non metal in this case glass.

Examination result points out kecendrungan descent of thermal conductivity significant to temperature ascension. Over and above mass factor, chemical composition, and crystal structure; processing factor determine material thermal conductivity price. To do thermal conductivity examination significant needful temperature which constant. Temperatures regulatory series manage tension of current source with action controls two on off's positions bases accepted DC tension


design, making, heating, thermal conductivity

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