Jurnal Ilmiah Poli Rekayasa

Jurnal Ilmiah Poli Rekayasa is a scientific journal published in 2 issues a year, April and October. Published since 2005. The focus of this journal review is The focus of article review in JPR includes Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electronica, Electricty and Telecommunication EngineeringThe scope of the Poly Engineering Scientific Journal includes: 1. Renewable energy, 2. BBM's thriving motoring innovation, 3. Material Maju, 4. Emission and combustion of combustion motors, 5. Thermal and fluid engineering, 6. Rekayasa power plant, 7)Material komposit, 7. Biomaterial 8. Non Distruction Test (NDT) technology, 9. Control and mechatronics, 10. Planing for disaster risk reduction, 11. Intermodal transportation system, 12. Engineering construction, buildings, bridges and roads, 13. Management of watersheds, groundwater, sediments and reservoirs, 14. Remote Sensing. Please read this guide carefully. Authors who want to submit articles to the Poly Engineering Scientific Journal, must follow the writing guidelines. If the submitted article does not comply with the writing guidelines or is written in a different format, it will be REJECTED by the editor before further review. The editors only accept articles that meet the established format. Articles are written in Indonesian.





Posted: 2024-02-23
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Vol 19, No 1 (2023): Oktober

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